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The future beams with hope

In a country rife with social injustice we believe that there is hope yet! We have faith in everyday ordinary people like you to effect a considerable and much needed change in our beloved country. It is indeed the little of many that adds up to plenty.

Mahlasedi Foundation is a registered NPO and PBO Section 18 tax exempt organisation and recognized B-BBEE Level 1 Contributor with community development as its primary objective.


The organisation’s secondary objective is to work in collaboration with other organisations that mainly deal with impoverished communities to further the empowerment of said communities.

Disaster Relief Food Distribution

COVID-19 is ravaging the country, and for that matter the world; especially so in the most destitute of communities. Mahlasedi Foundation has risen to a new level of operation in the face of this devastation. The Foundation’s feeding initiative distributed food parcels to over 856 640   people across South Africa, valued at R190 Million, in response to the overwhelming need. The average food parcel provides a family of five with two meals per day for a month.

Compassion for Children

Compassion for Children feeds thousands of school going children at their schools or Early Childhood Development Centres in some of the most impoverished areas in South Africa. This project assists Government in their plight to ensure school attendance and as a result the education of the next generation.


Adopt-a-Scholar is a Junior Preparatory Phase initiative that provides thousands of  school children in the most disadvantaged communities with:

  • Back to School Pack – school bag with stationery pack and accompanying lunch box and water bottle

  • Easter Treats

  • School Photos

  • Blankets and soft toys in winter

  • Christmas gifts  


With an alarming number of women currently finding themselves in need of support and shelter from partner abuse, we have joined hands with reputable agencies to provide counselling, toiletries and pamper packs to victims of GBV.

Buckets of Hope

Buckets of Hope is a food-bank that provides impoverished households with groceries and cleaning aids throughout the year.


Mercy services the women currently incarcerated in local prisons. Trained volunteers visit them weekly with inspirational talks and rehabilitation sessions. We also provide vanity packs and care packs for infants living with their mothers in prison


This is the educational arm of the Mahlasedi Foundation with a focus on offering targeted and recognized skills development initiatives to communities, businesses and individuals.

  • Management and Leadership Development

  • Educator Development

  • Health and Safety Compliance

  • Job Seekers Empowerment

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Institute of Academic Mastery (iAM)

Our Projects

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